Here are some frequently asked questions and helpful tips to help  ensure your bachelor party is the best one ever!

What Happens at the party?
Our Parties are usually performed in 3 stages.

The 1st stage is dedicated to the bachelor: The girls will perform a 
sexy striptease around the bachelor. They will have lots of fun with him teasing and embarrassing him. This is the part of the show when you want to get your tips out. The girls will spank your bachelor, perform magic tricks of him, bash his face with their body parts and have lots of other fun with him.

The 2nd stage is for the guest. This is when the strippers will offer 
lap dances for the rest of your party. Our girls do topless or fully nude lap dances, floor dances. The 
girls will offer a variety of games including: whip cream, chocolate, lotions and lollipops. The cost is Usually about $20 per game, depending on the Dancer.

The 3rd stage is the love act and can be included or you can work a price out with your dancer. This is when the girls interact with each other. Depending on your taste and generosity the girls can get pretty wild with each other using lotions, candles, toys, toys and more toys.


When do we need to order the entertainers?
Ordering as soon as possible is best. That will ensure that you get 
the dancers that you want. 1 week is good, but 2 - 3 weeks is best. If you need same day service we will still have plenty of girls available but you need to call our office now.

How do we know we will get the dancers we ordered?
Nothing in life is guaranteed, but we will try our hardest to get the dancers of your choice. If we tell you that the dancers you choose are available for your party then they will be. We will tell you in advance of your party if the girls you choose are not available. Please keep in mind that the girls have favorite partners that they like to work with. If you choose four girls that don't work well together then we will go with the girl of your first choice and her partner. We will inform you which partner she will be working with that night. Remember girls that like each other perform much hotter shows if they have chemistry together.

When do we pay?
You pay the dancers when they arrive at your party. We accept cash, visa and MasterCard. If paying by credit card please let the office know in advance. Also you will need your credit card and drivers license when the dancers arrive.

Are there additional charges or is everything included?
The show fee is for the dancers to show up at your party. They do work for tips. The more you tip, the longer the girls will stay at your party. Each person at your party should be prepared to spend at least $50.

How Should we tip?
The first stage you should tip lots of 1', 5's, 10's or 20's if your are extremely generous. The 2nd stage tips are usually between $20 to $40. 

The 3rd stage tips depends upon the type of show you want. 

Do we need to provide anything for the dancers?
Please have a room ready for them to change in. This should be a 
private area were the girls can keep their stuff.
You do not need to provide music but if their is a stereo in the room 
is will be helpful for the girls. Its always nice to have something for the girls to drink like water or soda.

Can we take pictures of the Strippers?
Unless our dancers give written consent, you cannot take pictures or 
videos of the girls. If you take pictures of videos the girls will take your cameras and leave the party.




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